Patisserie Demonstration

Posted in Masterclasses on 13/03/2013
Patisserie Demonstration

Yesterday our demo studio came to life with an afternoon tea inspired Patisserie Demonstration from L'Ortolan Pastry Chef Samantha Rain. Our demonstration guests arrived to a beautifully sunny L'Ortolan and introductions were made over tea and coffee in the bar. Afterwards the guests took their seats in the studio to learn how to produce a stunning selection of pastries both appealing to the eye and delicious - the perfect accompaniment for afternoon tea!

Macaroonier Sam demonstrated her perfect Liquorice Macaroons; a small light biscuit, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, made with ground almonds, sugar and egg whites. Macaroons are one of our favourite current sweet crazes so we asked our very own L'Ortolan Pastry Chef for a lesson in baking the popular French confection.

Liquorice Macaroons


300g Icing Sugar
300g Ground Almonds
10g Liquorice Powder
115g Egg Whites
80g Water
300g Sugar


1. Blitz together 300g icing sugar, 300g ground almonds and 10g liquorice powder and pass
2. Whisk 115 egg whites to stiff peaks
3. Boil 300g sugar and 80g water to 118c and pour onto egg whites
4. Whisk egg whites until fluffy and add to dry mix
5. Once the Italian Meringue is cold, combine all the elements into a smooth paste
6. Pipe the mixture and leave to form a skin
7. Bake at 150c for 6-8 minutes

Liquorice Pastry Cream Filling


250g Milk
1 Vanilla Pod
60g Sugar
4 Egg Yolks
22g Cornflour


1. Boil 250g milk, 30g sugar and vanilla
2. Pour milk onto egg yolks and whisk, then place mixture back into the pan and cook out
3. Combine 30g sugar and 22g cornflour
4. Add Liquorice compound to taste


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