Cocktail Masterclass Reading

An interactive cocktail masterclass at L'Ortolan Reading Berkshire, our mixologist will take you through a step by step process of putting together cocktails

Cocktail Masterclasses at L'Ortolan

Just in time for Spring awakening - we bring to you a variety of Cocktail Masterclasses!
Doesn't matter if you already are an expert mixologist, an advanced bartender or just a "simple sample sipper" - you will always find plenty of new and exciting things to discover and learn from our diverse cocktail courses. 
Our mixologist will take you through a step by step process of putting together the most enjoyable cocktails along with the in-depth explanation about each element, afterwards you will have the opportunity to re-create them yourself.
Important note: our motto is "Seasonal is always best!" - which means we always aim to promote the usage of fresh, seasonal ingredients and all our syrups are homemade!
After gaining all the knowledge and skill (with a little help from our recipe sheets) you will surprise your friends and loved ones at any cocktail party.

List of all the upcoming Cocktail Masterclasses for 2019:

 "The Smugglers Experience - The Art of Making Punch" - Wednesday, August 14th - £45 per person

 "Cocktails and Prohibition - History and Art of Cocktail making" - Thursday, September 12th - £40 per person - fully booked. 

 "Essence of Autumn" - Wednesday, October 16th - £40 per person - 6 spaces left 

 Big Batch Cocktails - Wednesday, November 13th - £45 per person - 6 spaces left 

 "Christmas Cocktail Recipes - Become bartender for your Festive guests" - Wednesday, December 11th - £40 per person - 6 spaces left 


Masterclasses start at 4pm. Max 6 guests per booking. 
Please be aware that we require a minimum of 4 participants for any event to go ahead. 
When booking for a party of 6 a discount of £5 per person will be applied. Restaurants Reading.
A pre-payment will be required at the time of the booking. Please note that we operate on a 10-day cancellation policy.