New A la Carte - 2019

New A la Carte - 2019
To give you a better idea of how our New Menu A la Carte is going to look like, here's a sample of what we've got in store from the beginning of January 2019 for our guests
Chef's appetiser
Cured mackerel, pickled lemon, bonito
BEEF - £12.50
Beef tartare. charcoal, confit yolk
SCALLOP - £19.50
Seared scallop, bacon jam, artichoke
Goose liver parfait, pain d'epices, cherry
CHICKEN - £14.50
Roast chicken, king oyster mushroom, charred grilled leaks
SEA BREAM - £15.50
Pan fried sea bream, sweetcorn, shellfish bisque
Pan fried halibut, glazed chicken wing, cauliflower
BEEF - £40
Roast fillet of beef, smoked pomme purée, peas
Chef's pre-dessert
Apricot, pecans, skyr
BANANA - £14.50
Raspberry, tarragon, marshmallow 
CHOCOLATE - £14.50
Chocolate torte, poached blackberries, blackberry sorbet
Almond financier, grape, orange, mint
CHEESE - £14.50
A selection of British & French cheeses, Homemade raisin bread & biscuits

Menu A la Carte will be available for lunch between Tuesday & Saturday 
Dinner between Tuesday and Thursday 
A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill. All prices include VAT.
Sample menu, subject to change. We are pleased to accommodate any special or dietary requests.

To make a reservation please call 01189 888 500 or book online.