Elixir Bar & Lounge Reading Berkshire

Elixir bar & lounge Shinfield, come and Join us for cocktails tea and coffee, our walk in Bar is open for casual, come and join us or an Afternoon drink Our Bar & Lounge represents the first warm and friendly greeting that you will receive here at l’ ortolan, as good as any restaurant in Reading. The area can be divided in two sections, each of them with a distinctive theme and charm.

The Bar area that you will approach at first has a pleasant cosiness dominated by the luxurious dark marble counter that aids a classical french designed crystal bottle display full of delicacies from all around the word, from UK's favourite Gin, to Japanese Whisky passing through to the world favorite and evergreen "His Majesty the Champagne".

If you are in search of a brighter and more open area, then you will definitely enjoy our Conservatory with an extension on the garden to increase the enjoyment in sunny days.


Our cocktail list is wisely designed by our Bartender Jayson, under the attentive eyes and coordination of our General Manager Marco Nardi. It does reflect their personality, friendly, accommodating and flexible. This list is a combination of classicism with a modern identity, and an important point of interest and pride is the use of fresh ingredients to make all the syrups and the bases for the cocktail and the garnish, we boast  that our motto is "Seasonal is best"

Come and join us for tea & coffee or an Afternoon drink without needing any reservation

Our Elixir Bar is open for casual visitors 9.30am-11pm Tuesday to Thursday.

A British organic cheese board is available to snack for those feeling peckish.