About Our Head Chef Tom Clarke and L’Ortolan in Reading

Located in the Reading village of Shinfield, near the M4’s Junction 11, L’Ortolan is Reading’s only Michelin starred restaurant. Our restaurant is popular with locals and visitors alike, and we guarantee you’ll love the dishes served up by head chef Tom Clarke in our Reading dining rooms.

Tom Clarke at L'Ortolan

Tom Clarke has been passionate about cooking since he can remember, and this passion coupled with his creative flair and varied tastes have helped him become a highly regarded Michelin star chef in Reading today. Tom and his team commit to serving the highest quality food available, exquisitely prepared for our menus, which is what defines the L’Ortolan experience.

Whether you’re looking for a romantically luxurious dining experience to enjoy with your partner, or want to make the most of your trip to Reading, you won’t be disappointed by the delights offered by L’Ortolan and our head chef Tom Clarke in this Berkshire food destination.


What’s on Offer at L’Ortolan?

Our Michelin star chef Tom Clarke in his Berkshire residency at L’Ortolan is a good enough reason alone to visit the restaurant. But our attention to detail goes beyond Tom and the crew of accomplished chefs we employ. We dazzle our guests with style and luxury from the second they step through the door - which is why we have three uniquely styled dining rooms for you to choose from: the Champagne Room, Glass Room and Wine Cellar.

We can host large parties by offering the Main Restaurant and Glass Room together, and we don’t charge extra for the privilege of hiring an exclusive room. However, if you’re hosting a select few guests, we’re sure you’ll be happy with what’s on offer in our Champagne Room.

We’re one of the best-rated restaurants in Berkshire thanks to the talent of our team, stunning location and magical atmosphere. This serves to make us the top choice for dining experiences, ranging from relaxed lunches to special occasions.

At L’Ortolan we strive on catering for all types of dietary needs including vegetarians. We don’t just aim to write a menu solely for vegetarians. We write menus that incorporate vegetarian dishes into our menus with an emphasis on
seasonal vegetables we use a range of different  techniques on vegetables to create a host of different flavors. At the same time personal preference makes a big difference  to the customers, therefore we always try to accommodate to personal tastes.

When You Can Enjoy a Meal from Head Chef Tom Clarke in Reading

You can taste the delights rustled up by our Michelin star chef Tom Clarke from Tuesdays to Saturdays, and our opening times are as follows.

• Lunch: 12:00 noon – 2:00pm
• Dinner: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Reserve your table or event at L’Ortolan

Even though we typically close on Sundays and Mondays, we can host events and gatherings on those days if arranged in advance. So, call us today on 01189 888 500 to book a meal served up by our extremely talented head chef Tom Clarke in Reading.